Hijacking of Singapore Airlines Flight SQ 117

On 26 March 1991, Singapore Airlines Flight SQ117 was hijacked at 10:15 pm. The Airbus, carrying 118 passengers and eleven crew members, was a shuttle service from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore. Four passengers, who claimed they were members of the Pakistan People's Party, commandeered the plane during the flight.

26 March 1991 (Tuesday)

9:15 pm : Flight SQ117 departed Kuala Lumpur for Singapore. Within minutes, four men, who were passengers on the flight, took control of the plane. They were reportedly armed with explosives and knives.
10:15 pm : The plane touched down at Changi International Airport and was immediately surrounded by police officers including crack troopers from the Police Tactical Team. At the same time, hostage negotiators, assisted by a crisis management team from the Ministries of Defence and Home Affairs, swung into action. The four hijackers, who claimed to be members of the Pakistan People's Party, issued a list of demands.

27 March 1991 (Wednesday)
2:40 am : The Airbus was towed from Runway One to an apron near the VIP Complex. Two Singapore Airlines (SIA) crew members were thrown out of the plane, sustaining bruises and minor injuries. They provided critical information that helped overcome the hijackers later.
3:25 am : A government statement listed the hijackers' demands:

5:00 am : The area in the vicinity of the plane was cordoned off and darkened as lights around the airport police station were turned off. Journalists and photographers were told to leave.
6:45 am : The hijackers issued a 5-minute deadline, beyond which they threatened to kill one passenger every 10 minutes if their demands were not met.
6:47 am : With only three minutes to the deadline, the order was given to storm the plane.
6:50 am : A crack team of Singapore Armed Forces Commandos stormed the plane and mounted a swift rescue operation. All four hijackers were shot dead. The other passengers and crew were left unharmed.
6:54 am : Passengers began sliding down emergency evacuation chutes and were taken to a holding area to the right of the field. They were later driven to the Airport Terminal in three buses.
7:50 am : The Second Defence Minister, Dr Yeo Ning Hong and the Minister for Home Affairs, Professor S. Jayakumar held a press conference to announce the success of the rescue operation.

The Asian Wall Street Journal of 28 March 1991 wrote that the hijacking incident at Changi International Airport

The Public Service Star award was given to Supt Foo Kia Juah, the leader of the police negotiating team and to Captain Stanley Lim, the pilot of SQ 117.

Al Zulkifar
Both the Straits Times of 28 March 1991 and the Bangkok Post of 3 March 1991carried articles on Al Zulkifar, which means "The Sword". It was founded in Kabul in 1980 by Ms Bhutto's brothers, Murtaza and Shahnawaz, and named after their father Zulkifar Ali Bhutto, who was overthrown as Prime Minister of Pakistan in 1977and hanged 2 years later. Shahnawaz died from poisoning in France in 1985 and, according to the government of Pakistan, the group was then headed by Murtaza who lived in exile in Europe and Damascus.

The Pakistani government revealed that Murtaza Bhutto went personally to the Kabul airport to greet the hijackers of a Pakistan Airlines plane when it landed there on 16 February 1981. The hijackers killed one passenger to secure the release of 53 prisoners from Pakistani prisons, all of them activists of Ms Bhutto's Pakistan People's Party.

Besides Asif Ali Zadori, the husband of Ms Bhutto, one of the 1981hijackers, Senator Mansoor Ahsan, was included among several Pakistani prisoners whom the hijackers of SQ117 wanted released.

Tan Lay Yuen

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