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Ramachandran Rasu Naidu (b. 5 September 1942, Malaysia - ) is the Executive Director of the National Book Development Council of Singapore.  He was formerly the Deputy Chief Executive of the National Library Board and the Director of National Library Singapore. He was also the first Secretary-General of the Congress of Southeast Asian Librarians (CONSAL), has served as the Secretary and President of the Library Association of Singapore and Chairman of the National Book Development Council of Singapore (NBDCS) for several terms.  

1955 - 1962
: Anglo-Chinese School, Ipoh
1969 : BA Hons. in History and Russian Language ,University of Malaya, on a scholarship awarded by the Indian High Commission
1972 : Certificate in Public Relations, Institute of Public Relations London
1973 : Masters in Library Studies, University of Hawaii
1973 : Certificate in Communication Studies, East West Center Communication Institute, Honolulu

Library Career

Ramachandran joined the National Library as a Library Officer, after a career in teaching in Malaysia, progressing to become a Librarian, Acting Director and later to Director, National Library. Since his joining the National Library in 1969, he headed different departments including the Technical Services, Reference and Support Services, Public Relations and the Bedok Branch Library.

He was a member of the Library 2000 committee set up in 1992 to review and formulate a master plan for developing library services in Singapore. In line with the recommendations of the Library 2000 Review Committee, National Library Board became a statutory board on 1st September 1995 and R. Ramachandran was appointed the Director of National Library and contributed much to make the proposed recommendations a reality.

Ramachandran introduced a range of library services. He implemented the Reference Point in 1996, dedicated to answering requests from remote users of the library.  InfoXpress, a quick information resource about Singapore, was also spearheaded by him. Under his leadership, events such as the Asian Children's Festival, ETLAS (Emerging Trends in Library and Archival Services) and World Library Summit were held.

Ramachandran was appointed as the first Secretary-General of the Congress of Southeast Asian Librarians (CONSAL) in April 2000.  In 2004, he was elected the Secretary-General of the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA). He was awarded the CONSAL Outstanding Librarian Award in 2006 at the 13th CONSAL General Conference in Manila.

1962 - 1966
: Teacher and school librarian, Methodist English School, Selangor, Malaysia
1969 : Teacher, St Anthony's Secondary School, Malaysia
1969 - 1972 : Library Officer, National Library
1973 - 1974 : Higher Library Officer and Head, Adult and Young People's section (Queenstown Branch)
1974 - 1978 : Assistant Librarian and Head, YP section, National Library
1978 - 1983 : Education Officer, National Library
1984 - 1986 : Staff Development and Welfare Officer, National Library
1985 - 1987 : Head, Bedok Branch, National Library
1988 : Head, Technical Services Division, National Library
1989 : Assistant Director (Technical Services), National Library
1990 : Assistant Director (Reference Services), National Library
1991 - 1992 : Deputy Director (Reference & Support Services), National Library
1993 - 1995 : Director (Acting), National Library
1996 - 1998 : Director, National Library Board
1999 - 2001 : Assistant Chief Executive and Director, National Library Board
2002 - Mar 2004 : Deputy Chief Executive, National Library Board
2004 : Secretary-General, IFLA
2005 : Executive Director, National Book Development Council of Singapore

Offices held
Chairman, CDNLAO (Conference of Directors of National Libraries in Asia and Oceania)
Secretary-General, CONSAL (Congress of Southeast Asian Librarians) Secretariat
Secretary (1980-81) and later Chairman, National Book Development Council of Singapore.
Secretary-General, IFLA
President, Library Association of Singapore
Member, IFLA Regional Standing Committee for Asia and Oceania
Member, Asia Library & Information Virtual Association (ALIVA)
Member, Indian Library Services Advisory Panel
Member and later Honorary Secretary, Library Association of Singapore
Editor, Singapore Libraries
Member of Library Education Committee
Member of Federation of International Documentalist (FID)

Academic publications
Ramachandran has participated and presented papers at many regional and international library conferences. He has many publications to his name and has widely published in various journals including the Singapore Book World, Malayan Law Journal and the UNESCO Bulletin for Libraries.

1996 : Public Administration Medal (Silver)
2008 : Library Association of Singapore Professional Service Award

Wife: Prema Rajamanickam
Children: One son and a daughter.

Sitragandi Arunasalam

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