Mount Everest expedition

The first Singaporean mountaineering expedition, which scaled Mount Everest on 25 May 1998, at appproximately 8.30 am Singapore time. The summit was reached by two team members, Edwin Siew and Khoo Swee Chiow, with four Nepalese Sherpas on their second attempt, the first having been aborted six days previously.

The five-member team who attempted the earlier assault on the summit had to turn back when they ran out of rope needed to fix the route at a time when bad weather made progress without fixed rope dangerous. The team's leader, David Lim, remained in Camp Two, unable to climb due to a strained muscle or ligament in his chest.

The expedition began with a proposal by the Mountaineering Society of Singapore (MOSS) in 1990. An application to climb Mount Everest could only be made after the Singapore Mountaineering Federation (SMF) was established in 1993. SMF made an application to the Nepalese Mountaineering Association on behalf of MOSS for a permit to climb Mount Everest which was granted in May 1994 for the climb to take place from March to May 1998. MOSS and SMF established a joint committee to run this national project. Committee members and a provisional team were selected, and the expedition was officially launched on 5 December 1994. In April 1995, President Ong Teng Cheong accepted the role of Expedition Patron.

Team members
(profile as of 1998)
David Lim : Team Leader, 33, multi-media executive.
Robert Goh Ee Kiat : 32, defence engineer.
Khoo Swee Chiow : 33, system analyst.
Mok Ying Jang : 30, medical doctor.
Edwin Siew : 27, Outward Bound School instructor.
Justin Lean : 24, arts undergraduate.
Leong Chee Mun : 33, Raffles Junior College teacher.
Mohd Rozani Maarof : 30, service technician.

Support team
Shani Tan : 39, anaesthetist.
Bruce Niven : 63, police consultant.
Johann Annuar : 23, engineering undergraduate.

Joycelyn Hwang

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