Magazine Road

Magazine Road connects Havelock Road and Merchant Road. The road probably got its name due to its association with the old ammunition storage ground of Havelock Road.

Magazine Road was a busy commercial area in early Singapore due its proximity to the Singapore river. It was part of Kampong Melaka in early Singapore. The buildings on the road today reflect the architectural influences of the Arabs, the Peranakans, the Malays and the Indonesian immigrants.

The Omar Kampong Malacca mosque
was built on this road in 1820 and rebuilt in 1885. It was restored in 1982. Po Chek Kiong or Tan Si Chong Su temple that the Tan clan association built in 1876, served as an assembly hall and a Chinese school for the Tans. Gazetted as a national monument in 1974, the temple was renovated in the 1990s. The temple is still used to store ancestral tablets. The other significant building on this relatively short street is the Central Mall. The mall is popular for its clubs such as the Sultan of Swing. Another highlight of the mall is the Central Market, a flea market that comes alive here on weekends.

Variant Names
Chinese name: Tan Seng Ong Koi (Hokkein), Chhan-Sheng-Wong Kai (Cantonese) both of which mean "Tan Seng Ong Street", a reference to the Tan clan temple on the street.

Naidu Ratnala Thulaja

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