Hongkong Street

Hongkong Street is a one-way road leading from South Bridge Road to New Bridge Road. It is named after the island city of Hongkong.

Key features
Hongkong Street, a very short street, lies towards Chinatown's outer portion near the Singapore river where Chinatown begins to merge with Boat Quay or the civic district. Hongkong Street was also called Macao Street, probably because many Chinese from Macau, China lived on this street. However, it is also probable that the street got its name from the Malay word for the Cantonese, Orang Macao. Many Cantonese and Japanese prostitutes lived on the street in tin shacks during the pre-war and war times. As a part of Chinatown, the street reflected the quaint charm of old shophouses, food vendors and the itinerant trader.

Today, Hongkong Street is lined with commercial buildings. At the beginning of the street is Wong Shee Fun Building, a commercial property, followed by similar such buildings; Prosperity Building, TET Building, Luo Building, and APG Building. Hongkong Street till date retains some of its old shophouses and is a popular food joint with many eateries lining it.

Variant Names
Chinese names: In Hokkien Ma-kau loi and in Cantonese Ma-kau kai, both meaning "Macau street". The Malays called the Cantonese Orang Macau or "people from Macau".

Naidu Ratnala Thulaja

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