Alexandra Hospital

Alexandra Hospital, its precursor was the Alexandra Military Hospital a.k.a. British Military Hospital. Located at the junction of Alexandra Road and Queensway, it is the only non-restructured hospital in Singapore. Marked as a historical site by the National Heritage Board because of its rich and colourful history, it specialises in geriatric care for the elderly and ambulatory services.

When the British troops withdrew from Singapore in 1971, the Singapore government took over the British Military Hospital after presenting a token of S$1 note in a frame to Britain. It was renamed Alexandra Hosptial and on 15 September 1971, it was officially opened to the public.

The Alexandra Hospital was thus successfully converted from a military institution to a civilian hospital and currently serves the western sector of Singapore. In 1993, the Cost Review Committee recommended that the Alexandra Hospital be made the 'people's choice, providing affordable health care as the only government hospital. Its strategy was two-pronged : care for the elderly and efficient ambulatory service.

Outpatient services and geriatric care have been identified as the Alexandra Hospital's core strengths. In November 1994, after completion of the Hospital's S$18 million upgrading programme, the one-stop Geriatric Centre was opened with facilities for outpatient, inpatient, homebound, day care and community outreach programmes for the ageing population of Singapore. An acupuncture clinic was opened in 1996 to provide the elderly with access to traditional Chinese medicine. Other enhancements include the introduction of a telemedicine service to elderly residents of two nursing homes in May 2000. Committed to education and training of doctors for the next generation, the Hospital has been affiliated with the NUS and designated the Alexandra Campus of NUS in 1995.

In 2006, Alexandra Hospital will close its doors and be replaced by a S$400 million new facility, the Jurong General Hospital. This 650 bed regional hospital will be sited near the Jurong East MRT station and bus interchange to serve the western part of Singapore.

Jun 1971 : The British Military Hospital was handed over to the Singapore Government in return for a S$1 note.
Sep 1971 : Renamed Alexandra Hospital.
Apr 1975 : Southeast Asia's first limb reattachement was performed at this Hospital. The patient was 17 year old Wong Yoke Lin.
1978 : Helped treat victims of the Spyros tragedy.
1984 : Achieved a first in post-operative success in low birth weight babies who have undergone cardiac surgery.
1986 : Began Singapore's continuing education in medicine for private doctors.
1990 : Obstetrics and Gynaecology and the Neonatal Unit relocated at Kandan Kerbau Hospital.
1991 : An S$18 million upgrade to the Hospital with a new Coronary Intensive Care Unit, wards, clinical geriatric medicine, upgraded X-ray equipment among others.
1993 : Cost Review Committee recommended that it should remain a government hospital specialising in the care of the elderly and efficient ambulatory services.
Nov 1994 : A one-stop full fledged Geriatric Centre was opened.
1995 : Affiliated with NUS and designated as the Alexandra Campus for educating and training doctors.
15 Sep 1998 : Recognised as a historical site by the National Heritage Board.

Alexandra Hospital, 378 Alexandra Road, Singapore 159964.
Tel: 6472 2000
Fax: 6379 3880

To provide quality, compassionate, personalised and courteous health care service to patients.

Ambika Raghavan & Phyllis Wee

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