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Ms Elim Chew Soo Gim (b. 1965, Singapore-) is best known as the founder of teenage streetwear chain, 77th Street. In 2004, 77th Street became Singapore's first retailer to set up a shopping mall- 77th Street Plaza- at Xidan Cultural Square in Beijing. Chew is credited for revolutionising the streetwear scene in Singapore. She also promotes social entrepreneurship, and volunteers actively in youth outreach and charity projects.

Early life
Chew was a young punk and a rebellious teenager who consistently failed at school. She studied at Fairfield Methodist School before moving to London to learn hairdressing. She subsequently opened a six-seater hair salon with $1,000. Determined to be the most popular hairstylist in Singapore, Chew worked as long as 21 hours a day to gain experience. Soon, the salon expanded to 16 seats. She then strived to make her first million dollars.

Described as a rebel with a cause, Chew says that her Christian values have kept her grounded over the years. No stranger to wilder days, Chew is driven by her past, and believes that when youths have no outlet to release their energy, society loses them to vices like drugs and delinquency. Therefore, beyond her retail business, Chew spends eighty percent of her day as a volunteer for youth and philanthropic projects.

77th Street
Chew identified a gap in the market for affordable and trendy streetwear. With her personal experience in punk culture in London and her knack for entrepreneurship, she capitalised on this and opened the first 77th Street outlet in Far East Plaza in 1988. Chew's sister sourced the merchandise from the United Kingdom. The 17-square meter outlet marked Chew's first foray into the retail industry. She opened her second shop three years later in the same mall but on a different level.

77th Street
has established itself as a brand name in cutting-edge street fashion. It offers a wide selection of affordable apparel and fashion accessories to a loyal following of youths and adults, with trendy brands like Timbuk 2, Crumpler, New Era and Slacker. Available at the boutique are singlets, backpacks, sterling silver hoops of every size, metal dog tags and dazzling costume jewelry termed as 'bling' in rap culture.

More than twenty years on, 77th Street now has more than 12 outlets island-wide, with a new store-within-a-store concept christened Gothic Princess at Parco Bugis Junction. In 2004, 77th Street also set up a cutting-edge underground shopping complex called 77th Street Plaza at Xidan Cultural Square, Beijing, China. This made 77th Street Singapore's first retailer to open a shopping complex.

Youth Outreach
A notable aspect of Chew's volunteer efforts is youth projects. She is noted for co-founding Singapore Street Festival in 2001 as a platform for local talents in the visual and performing arts, entertainment, sports, fashion and lifestyle trends.

In 2001, she also set up Project GetaLife, a membership programme that caters to individuals aged between 11 and 35 years. With a membership base that exceeds 100,000, the programme offers privileges at fashion and lifestyle retail outlets, such as rebates at 77th Street and over 40 other merchant partners.

Chew also co-founded The Young Entrepreneur Mastery (TYEM) in 2002, a non-profit academy that supports and nurtures youth entrepreneurship, especially in out-of-school youths.

At the Institute of Technical Education College East, Chew runs a retail training center where students operate an actual fashion retail outlet in order to obtain first-hand experiences in business processes such as cash and inventory management, merchandising and customer service.

In 2004, Chew launched the book, My Voice. It features 77 real-life experiences written by youths, and was supported by the Ministry of Community Development, Youth & Sports (MCYS), South East Community Development Centre, UFM 100.3FM and Drama Box. The second edition, My Voice- Breaking Free, was launched in 2006. Sale proceeds go to a TYEM fund that runs workshops to equip youths with skills to meet life's challenges, such as creativity and entrepreneurship.

Social Entrepreneurship

Chew sits on more than 20 committees in the public service as well as youth and community groups. She co-chairs the Programming Committee of *scape (under MCYS and the National Youth Council) and the Culture AC Committee for Action Community for Entrepreneurship (ACE, under Ministry of Trade and Industry). At the National University of Singapore, she is a member of the Board of Trustees, the Entrepreneurship Committee and the Investment Committee.

She is also a founding member and director of the Social Innovation Park (SIP), a non-profit organisation that supports business solutions of social entrepreneurs who champion social change. Through the platform of SIP, Chew helped set up PaTH (Pop and Talent Hub) Arts market, the first local social enterprise arts market that advocates social entrepreneurship.

Chew is also credited for taking eight budding entrepreneurs (who now run three shops between them at China Square Central shopping mall) under her tutelage.

Charity Work
Chew's philosophy is that money can be used to help society. She is an avid advocate of Christian humanitarian relief organisation, World Vision (WV).  Besides sponsoring 25 children from the communities supported by WV, Chew has personally visited relief and development projects in Malawi, inspiring many to be involved in providing aid to the needy. 77th Street has been one of WV Singapore's largest event sponsor since 2001.


2001- Fashion Award (Street Style Awards)
2001- Most Promising Woman Entrepreneur (Association of Small and Medium Enterprises)
2002- Young Woman Achiever Award (Her World magazine)
2002- Mont Blanc Business Woman Award
2003- Leadership and Mentoring Award (Research Communications International)
2004- Most Distinctive Brand (Singapore Promising Brand Award by ASME and Lianhe Zaobao

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