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Abdul Rahim Ishak (b. 25 July 1925, Singapore - d. 18 January 2001, Singapore), youngest brother of Singapore's first head of state and later President Yusof Ishak, was former envoy and Senior Minister of State for Foreign Affairs. He came from a large family of nine siblings and was the only one to be born in Singapore.

Early Life
For his education, Rahim went to Sekolah Melayu Kota Raja, Raffles Institution, King Edward VII School (Taiping, Perak), and Raffles College. Growing up, he developed a deep interest in the Indonesian independence movement and socialism. Just before World War II broke out, he and his two other siblings were rushed back to Perak, his father's hometown, to escape the Japanese invasion.  There he resumed and completed his formal secondary education.

Rahim became a reporter with Utusan Melayu between 1949 and 1953 Utusan Melayu was a Malay-language newspaper, which was then based in Singapore and managed by his brother Yusof Ishak.  In 1953, Rahim worked as a teacher but rejoined Utusan Melayu in 1955 as a full-fledge writer and was based in Kuala Lumpur.  He was the paper's associate editor until 1959. 

In 1959, Rahim returned to Singapore and entered politics, his first appointment was Political Secretary, Ministry of Culture.  In 1963, he contested in the general election as a People's Action Party (PAP) candidate in Siglap and won. He remained the Member of Parliament for Siglap until the 1984 general election.  A firm believer in multiracialism, Rahim stood with the PAP during the turbulent years against the communists and communalists.  During Rahim's five consecutive terms as Member of Parliament for Siglap, he served in the Education and Foreign Affairs ministries. While still serving as Senior Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, he was also appointed as Ambassador to Indonesia from 1974 to 1977.  In 1981, he was appointed as the High Commissioner to New Zealand.  He retired from public life in 1987. 

Political Appointments
: Political Secretary (Culture)
1963 - 1984 : Member of Parliament for Siglap
September 1963 - September 1965 : Parliamentary Secretary (Education)
September 1965 - May 1968 : Minister of State (Education)
May 1968 - September 1972 : Minister of State (Foreign Affairs)
September 1972 - April 1981 : Senior Minister of State (Foreign Affairs)
December 1974 - June 1977 : Ambassador to Republic of Indonesia
July 1981 - 1987 : High Commissioner to New Zealand

Other Appointments
1960 - 1965
: Chairman of Film Censor's Appeal Committee 
1963 - 1968 : Vice-chairman, Adult Education Board
1966 - 1975 : President of Singapore Amateur Athletic Association 

1990 : Distinguished Service Order
1999 : Anugerah Jasawan Agung Minang, Persatuan Minangkabau Singapura

Rahim passed away on 18 January 2001 after a long illness, He was survived by his wife, six children and six grandchildren.  His daughter, Lily Zubaidah Rahim,  is author of the book The Singapore Dilemma: Political and Educational Marginality of the Malay Community

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