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Far East Air Force (FEAF) is formed 1st Jun 1949

After the Japanese surrender in 1945, the Headquarters, Air Command, South East Asia (HQ, ACSEA) was transferred to Singapore, where it occupied several civilian buildings in Collyer Quay. The HQ, ACSEA had direct control over all military stations and units on the island.[1] The HQ moved out of Collyer Quay to Changi in April 1946.[2] On 1 December 1946, when the command of the Far East was once again under British control after being led by a wartime allied composition, the HQ, ACSEA was re-designated as Air Command, Far East (ACFE). This restructuring also abolished the post of Supreme Allied Commander, South East Asia, which was replaced by a Commander's-in-Chief Committee. With these changes, all new and existing AHQs (Air H.Q.) throughout the Far East, including AHQ Malaya, were brought under the aegis of the ACFE.[3]

The ACFE was the predecessor of the Far East Air Force (FEAF), which came into being on 1 June 1949 when Whitehall in London streamlined and rationalised its overseas commands. These commands had endured the tumultuous post-war years and had achieved some degree of stability. Under the new FEAF, the Commander-in-Chief was also re-designated as Commander-in-Chief, Far East Air Force.[4] These changes were meant to better reflect the peacetime role of British overseas commands and give them greater conformity with their respective sister services.[5] During the period when the FEAF was established in June 1949 to its disbandment on 31 October 1971,[6] it was instrumental in helping Malaya survive the dark periods of the Malayan Emergency (1948–1960) and the Indonesian-Malaysian Confrontation (1963–1966).[7]

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