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Citizens' Consultative Committees are formed Mar 1965

The Citizens’ Consultative Committees (CCCs), which come under the purview of the People’s Association, are the umbrella bodies of all grassroots organisations in Singapore.[1] The functions of the CCCs are: to promote good citizenship; disseminate information and relay public feedback on government policies and actions; direct and carry out projects and activities at the constituency and national level; and make recommendations on the provision of amenities and facilities in the constituency.[2]

The CCCs originated in the early 1960s when community leaders formed welcoming committees to assist then Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew on his constituency tours to rally support among the people for merger with the Federation of Malaya.[3] Seeking to place this community network on a more permanent footing, Lee announced during a mass rally held at the Kampong Kembangan constituency in November 1963 that "grass root committees" would be formed to fight against Communism, and facilitate communication between the people and  the government.[4] In the midst of these developments, the outbreak of the 1964 racial riots prompted the formation of "goodwill committees", which comprised members of the aforementioned welcoming committees, to calm tensions and restore communal relations.[5] The efficacy of these “goodwill committees” in mobilising political participation and promoting social cohesion led to their formalisation into CCCs within a year.[6]

The first four CCCs were set up in March 1965 in the constituencies of Nee Soon, Punggol, Sembawang and Serangoon Gardens. By the following year, CCCs had been established in all 51 constituencies.[7]

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The information in this article is valid as at 2014 and correct as far as we are able to ascertain from our sources. It is not intended to be an exhaustive or complete history of the subject. Please contact the Library for further reading materials on the topic.

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